About us

Hello!  Welcome to my shop, my name is Simarron and I am the sole owner and maker at Dreamkeepers.  From start to finish I take care of your order, from the willow to the sending off at the post office.  I am a perfectionist and take pride every last detail, and I hope it shows when you buy one of my products.  I have a long love and appreciation for dreamcatchers that started quite some time ago...

I am mesmerized by dreamcatchers. I love that they symbolize protection and connection to our dreams. Dreams have always provided a source of inspiration and guidance in my personal and spiritual life. I also love the literal translation of dream catcher. I believe we all must follow and nurture our greatest and most wonderful dreams.

I have been making dreamcatchers for 10 years and my love and gratitude for what their creation brings forth into my life continues. They are a beautiful mystery to me, sacred objects that come from my heart to yours. What started as selling my favorite guitar to buy my first supplies to start my Etsy shop four years ago has become a journey that has connected me with amazing souls all over the world.  My dreamcatchers are now in nurseries, homes, nursing homes, weddings, baby showers and even in an international exhibit.

I feel so grateful that I can do something I am passionate about, help to support our family while doing it, and provide something beautiful to the world.  I am honored that what means so much to me can mean so much to another. 

Thank you for stopping by and I hope that it has been a bright spot in your day! ♡